Research Publications of Dr. J.J. Rawal…

Sr. No. Name of Research Paper Journals and Year
Non-static Electromagnetic Fields in General Theory of Relativity V. Proc. Of International Symposium on Relativity and Unified Field Theory

(1975-1976) pp 291-292,

(S.N. Bose Inst. Of Physical Science. Calcutta 9)

Modified Titus-Bode Relation Bulletin Astronomical Society,

India, 6, 92-95,1978

Resonant Structures in the Solar System The Moon and the Planets 24,407-414, 1981
Is there a Ring Around the Milky Way? Indian Journal of Radio and Space Physics 11, 100-101, 1982.
On a Non-Linear and Lorentz-Invariant Version of Newtonian, Gravitation under the guidance of Professor J.V. Narlikar, TIFR Journal Astrophysics Astronomy, 3, 393-398, 1982
Contraction of the Solar Nebula Earth, Moon and Planets, 31, 175-182, 1984 a
On the formation of the Solar System, in Wasaburo Unno and Tomio Asai (ends.) “Astrophysical and Geophysical Convection”


Proceedings and Mini Symposium held in the Department of Astronomy University of Tokyo, October 11-12 pp. 70-85, 1984 b.
Further Considerations of contraction of Solar Nebula, Earth, Moon and Planets 34, 93-100, 1986 a
The Formation of the Solar System Astrophysics and Space Science 119, 159-166, 1986 b
General Form of the Planetary Distance Law Earth, Moon and Planets 44, 295-296, 1986 c
Possible Satellites of Mercury and Venus Earth, Moon and Planets

36,135-138, 1986 c

Boundary to the Solar set by a hypothetical Solar Companion Earth, Moon and Planets

36, 211-215, 1986 d

Boundary to the Solar System set by the Galaxy according to King Innanen’s Formula, Bulletin, Astronomical Society India, 14, 15-19, 1986 e
Contractions of Sub-Solar Nebulae Earth, Moon and Planets 44, 265-274, 1989 a
The Planetary Distance Law and Resonance Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy 10, 257-259, 1989 b
Oort’s Clouds of Planets Earth, Moon and Planets

54, 89, 1991

Schwarzschild Interior Solution of a very slowly Rotating Star Indian Journal Physics 633(3), 362-366, 1989
A New Light on the L1, L2-Lagrangian Points Earth, Moon and Planets

54, 283-288, 1991b.

Interior solution for a very slowly rotating star in an isotropic coordinate system Indian J. Phys. 68B (2), 167-173 (1994) IJP B

-An international Journal

Boundary to the Local Group of Galaxies set by the Great Galaxy of Andromeda Earth, Moon and Planets

In Press

  1. `
A Probable New Meteor Impact Crater, Earth, Moon and Planets,

58, 163-171, 1992b.

Physical Significance and the Role of Lagrangian Points and the Oort Clouds of Planets in the Solar System Earth, Moon and Planets

58, 153-161, 1992 a

Role of Alfven drag in the planetary crater formation Current Science Vol 93, No19, 25 November 2007, pp 1404-1406
Role of Alfven Drag in Cratering the Solar System Earth, Moon and Planets

(In Press)

Deflection of light near elliptical galaxies or stars in general relativity Advance Studies Theoretical Physics, Vol. 7, No.19, Pg. 923-931, 2013-3993


General Solution of Static Sphere of Perfect Fluid and Dust of Uniform Density Using Isotropic Line Element International Journal of Fundamental of Physical Sciences, Vol. 2, No. 4, pg. 61-63, Dec., 2012
Are there rings around Pluto? IJFPS, Vol.1, No.1, pp. 6-10, June, 2011
Are there rings around the Sun? Earth, Moon and Planets, March 31, 2011
27. Mass as the fifth dimension of the Universe International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics, 3rd September, 2013

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